We have been alerted by several Bitcoin mining employers that they have a challenge filling their talent pipeline with skilled and qualified candidates. Specifically, the lack of in-house miner repair capability is a deficit in the industry. Mining employers are seeking roles ranging from hardware repair technician to software engineering and cryptographer.  There is a strong sense of urgency to fill these critical positions since the next halving is slated for April 2024 and essentially all mining costs will double when their block rewards are halved. 


₿itcoin Transformation Community is architecting and leading an industry initiative to identify the skills required for bitcoin mining positions. For example, bitcoin mining positions often fall under titles such as Site Technician, Operations Technician I, Operations Technician II, Bitcoin Miner Board Level Repair Technician, Embedded Software Engineer, Cryptographer, or Q/A Test Software Engineer. Since there are no standards in the Bitcoin ecosystem, many mining organizations (aka data centers) employ IT job titles and modify them to their business. In general, people who work in Bitcoin mining positions often demonstrate high levels of technical skills, such as programming, data analysis, engineering, cryptography, and business acumen. 

Our mining skills initiative is two-fold:

  1. We skill Re-Entry tour participants (i.e., people currently incarcerated or recently re-entering society) and direct them to bitcoin mining positions that align with their skills/interests.
  2. In partnership with bitcoin mining organizations, we will generate a standardized list of skills necessary for roles in bitcoin mining. We will provide the final list of validated skills to all sponsors/donors and make the list publicly available to individual donors. 

Please contact us if you want to volunteer for the mining skills initiative!

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