Bitcoin Learning Resources

Bitcoin adoption is a grassroots movement. There is no central authority setting standards or developing bitcoin training, learning assets, or certifications. Thus, it’s up to Y🧡U to educate yourself and develop the skills Y🧡U need to confidently buy, spend, adopt, and understand the bitcoin ecosystem. We curated a list of bitcoin learning resources and certifications below. We’ve included in-person courses, online courses, books, videos, podcasts, tools and documents from reliable sources.

Y🧡U select and consume the content Y🧡U want the way Y🧡U want.

Click the logos below to start diving down the bitcoin rabbit hole! Don’t worry the hole is massively deep so you won’t bump your head! Contact us if we missed any great resources.


We recommend that everyone starts their bitcoin journey by reading the 9-page whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto. This seminal document is the genesis of all things bitcoin! If math isn’t your thing, don’t worry, you will understand the peer-to-peer electronic cash system he|she|they outlined. As you dive deeper down the bitcoin rabbit hole, you will understand the why, what, and how of bitcoin. Your lightbulb moment will be a realization that bitcoin is a global currency, like no other, that is a path to freedom for all of humanity! You can dig into the underlying, innovative technologies too if you wish.

ProTip: You have to do the work to get it!

Nakamoto Portfolio

A set of tools, research, and open-source code to explore bitcoin’s groundbreaking effects on the financial world. Should you DCA (dollar cost average) or lump sum purchase your bitcoin? It depends! Start planning your bitcoin journey and building generational wealth today with the Nakamoto Portfolio tools.