Justin Rhedrick


Justin has overcome homelessness, dropped out of college, and had a 3-year prison stint by age 23. With the odds stacked against him, Justin leveraged his winning mindset and found freedom in bitcoin! He is the author of From Bars To Bitcoin and has impacted over 300 professionals’ lives with his Bitcoin Beginner. Justin is one of the greatest bitcoin success stories of this generation. 

Stacey ₿oyle, PhD


Dr. Boyle has been in the corporate learning and development space for over 25 years and has earned a reputation as an industry thought leader. Stacey has established learning and measurement strategies for Fortune 500 companies, federal agencies, and nonprofits such as Booz Allen Hamilton, McDonald’s Allergan Pharmaceuticals, Defense Acquisition University, Greater Twin Cities United Way, and Career Edge. She is the co-author of Be More Strategic in Business. Stacey has taken her passion for bitcoin and pivoted her strategic focus to educate and empower others to realize the value of bitcoin for humanity. This is by far the greatest learning initiative of her career. 


CJ Kelly

Chief Finanicial Officer

Charles J. Kelly (CJ) also known as @CJtheSmartGuy is an entrepreneurial-focused accountant who has a passion to uplift his community through financial education and financial services.

In undergrad, CJ played Div. 1 baseball, was NABA President (National Association of Black Accountants) and had three internships (including BNSF & Apple!). He graduated with both finance and accounting degrees from Texas Southern University in 2013 (HBCUs are the best!) and took an entry-level position at BNSF Railway immediately upon graduation.

After obtaining the experience necessary to start his own accounting business, CJ left Corporate America and became a full-time entrepreneur. In June 2020, CJ officially became a CPA and began focusing on cryptocurrency taxes.

In Summer 2021, CJ toured the country with Cryptocurrency pioneer Najah Roberts to educate various communities on the evolution of money, which is cryptocurrency.

In November 2021, Smart Guy Taxes was founded a product or service you’d like to show.



At ₿itcoin Transformation Community (₿TCTC), we believe that bitcoin’s transformative power is to create a more equitable and inclusive financial system. Our ethos is rooted in education, transformation, and empowerment.

₿TCTC is dedicated to fostering financial sovereignty and independence, ensuring that individuals have complete control over their wealth and are not subject to the whims of centralized authorities. Everyone should have access to secure, borderless, and affordable financial services, regardless of geographical location or socio-economic background.

We are driven by a commitment to educate, advocate for, and promote the responsible adoption of bitcoin. Through our educational initiatives, we strive to demystify bitcoin, making it accessible to individuals from all walks of life. We aim to bridge the knowledge gap, empowering individuals with the understanding and tools necessary to participate safely and confidently in the bitcoin ecosystem.

Our ethos compels us to continually explore and design initiatives that leverage bitcoin’s potential to address societal challenges, such as financial exclusion, poverty alleviation, and economic empowerment. ₿itcoin can be a force for positive change, enabling greater financial freedom and opportunities for individuals worldwide. That’s why our tagline is – freeing humanity one satoshi at a time

In line with our ethos, we are committed to maintaining transparency, accountability, and integrity in all our endeavors. 


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