Engage with the Global Bitcoin Community

Use bitcoin-related hashtags (e.g., #bitcoin, #btc & #stacksats) to identify bitcoin influencers, content, and events. Find popular bitcoin hashtags here. Be sure to check out bitcoin related Twitter Spaces conversations! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter – @BTCTC1sat, @BitcoinVegan, @sboyle

Think of the OPA app like a dating app but designed to meet like-minded bitcoiners near you. You can also find bitcoin events near you. Stack friends who stack sats!

Nostr is a decentralized social network that is a simple, open protocol that enables a truly censorship-resistant and global social network.

Say what you want! You won’t be cancelled!

Find global bitcoin industry events here. Consider attending Bitcoin Magazine conferences each year to learn about current topics, and meet bitcoin influencers, employers, and businesses. 

Here is a list of global bitcoin meetups. Please note that it may not always be a current list. You can also check out the MeetUp app/site to find local meetups.