Blue Sky Initiatives

At BTCTC we are dreamers! We dream about a bright orange future where everyone across the globe is thriving and surviving on a bitcoin standard. We have many blue sky initiatives we would love to execute and can with your donations and support.

Weaving Bitcoin Into Human Consciousness

Project Description

To increase bitcoin adoption, we need to enhance bitcoin awareness and engagement. There is no bitcoin marketing company or department. We all are in the marketing department! People are exposed to bitcoin daily through books, podcasts, blogs, websites, and online campaigns. To drive adoption aggressively, we need people to experience the bitcoin circular economy in their everyday lives. The best way to do that is to allow them to make lightening fast bitcoin payments in person. We have an initiative with Las Vegas locals to provide education, knowledge, and resources to small and medium-sized businesses to accept bitcoin. Go here to learn more.

At BTCTC, a great place to start grassroots marketing efforts is in Las Vegas, NV. Why Las Vegas…because of the multiplier effect. In 2022, 38.8 million people visited Las Vegas, a 20.5% increase from the 32.2 million visitors in 2021. Las Vegas ranks fifth in the world as a tourist destination and is first in the US. With almost 40M people visiting Las Vegas annually, we have prime opportunities to orange pill the masses. 

There are over 300 bitcoin ATMs in Las Vegas. Visitors do have some exposure to bitcoin. There are also many businesses (e.g., D Hotel, Golden Gate Casino, Rental HomesGentlemen’s Clubs, Luxury Stores, and restaurants) that accept bitcoin. Still, unless you are an active bitcoiner you may not be aware that bitcoin is an accepted form of payment. 

BTCTC has a blue sky initiative to place bitcoin billboards near the Las Vegas airport and around the city. That’s almost 40M brains and 80M eyeballs absorbing the bitcoin message and 40M mouths talking about bitcoin. When the Las Vegas visitors return home, their bitcoin awareness and curiosity will have increased for more guaranteed local conversations. That’s the multiplier effect we can have by physically and visually weaving bitcoin into the human social conscience. 

Project Cost

There are almost 8,000 marketing placements in Las Vegas; of those placements, there are over 2,500 billboards. The average monthly cost for a billboard is $2600/month. Billboards range from $1,500-$20,000/month. 

Sponsorship Opportunity

We seek sponsorship for the Weaving Bitcoin into Human Consciousness initiative to purchase billboard space in Las Vegas. Most people visit Las Vegas from March to May and September to November. We want to buy billboard advertising during these peak months. With a donation of $3,500+ (~0.12 BTC) we can initiate the project with one billboard for one month. Donations >$3,500 (>.12 BTC) will allow us to purchase more billboard space for multiple months. 

We’ll let you design the billboard! 

If you want to support this blue sky initiative, please contact us to make this bright orange future a reality.