Within the Bitcoin ecosystem, proof-of-work (PoW) means that Bitcoin miners utilized a form of cryptographic proof to prove to other miners that a certain amount of a specific computational effort has been expended to earn the block rewards (aka bitcoin!). 

At BTCTC, we have our proof-of-work that we make publicly available. As a nonprofit organization, we must demonstrate proof-of-work to our various stakeholders, illustrating that our efforts lead to social and business impact. We have a proprietary approach to proof-of-work with the Impact Blueprint® that you will not see with other nonprofits. 

Impact Blueprint®

The Impact Blueprint® is a method illustrating that activities executed drive impact. As shown in the example below, the Bars to Bitcoin Re-Entry Tour was designed to achieve these three (3) strategic goals see 1 .

(1) enhance awareness of the purpose and value of Bitcoin to incarcerated individuals 

(2) offer hope upon release and

(3) build a pipeline of skilled & credentialed talent for Bitcoin mining employers (aka Bitcoin data centers).

Achieving these strategic goals will provide employable skills, hope, motivation, and financial independence for convicted individuals, ultimately sustaining the bitcoin ecosystem while reducing the rate of recidivism.

 To accomplish the three (3) goals, we need to invest in the Re-Entry Tour program – see 2

Our investment in the Re-Entry Tours will lead to the activities and output shown as leading indicators -see 3 . As more time passes, our activities and output will drive the necessary social impact we need to create to accomplish our strategic goals – see 4

In summary, the path to impact for Re-Entry Tour investments is illustrated in the Impact Blueprint™.

Go here to view an Impact Blueprint® detailed video. 

As proof-of-work to our stakeholders and the community, we will post the Impact Blueprint® created for each significant initiative as well as quarterly updates proving our progress. 

We have many mission-aligned partners who help us bring our initiatives to life! Our partners for the Bars to Bitcoin Re-Entry Tour are highlighted in this impact blueprint in the orange boxes. Backhand Index Pointing Right Emoji (U+1F449)    

                                                                                                                                                                                                           Benefits of the Impact Blueprint® 

🧡Transparent communication and planning with our sponsors/donors

🧡The blueprint is our sponsor/donor reporting mechanism to monitor impact, hold BTCTC accountable    and identify barriers to impact.

🧡Sponsors/donors can employ the Impact Blueprint® for internal funding pitches

 🧡Any sponsor/donor who contributes >50% to an initiative can collaborate with us to design the blueprint

Transformational Stories

Our Transformational Stories Are Inspiring Journeys of Change

We share these stories to inspire, uplift, and ignite change in people and communities. BTCTC is dedicated to sharing stories of individuals who have undergone remarkable transformations due to bitcoin. Through their experiences, struggles, and triumphs, these stories offer valuable lessons, motivation, and a profound sense of hope. 

Here’s why you should listen to these transformative narratives:

🧡 Inspiring Change: Transformational stories can awaken something within us. They remind us that change is possible, no matter how difficult or daunting the circumstances. By listening to these stories, you will be inspired to challenge your own limits, overcome obstacles, and embrace personal growth. Each narrative catalyzes positive change in your own life.

🧡Authenticity and Relatability: Our transformational stories are rooted in authenticity. They represent the real journeys of individuals from various walks of life who have faced adversity, made tough choices, and emerged stronger. As you listen, you will resonate with the shared human experiences, finding comfort and reassurance in knowing that you are not alone in your transformational journey.

🧡 Lessons and Strategies: These stories are captivating and laden with valuable insights and practical strategies. You will gain a wealth of wisdom and learn actionable steps to navigate challenges, overcome self-doubt, cultivate resilience, and embrace personal transformation. These stories provide you with tools to embark on your journey of change.

🧡 Empathy and Connection: Transformational stories have a unique ability to foster empathy and human connection. Listening to these narratives will give you a deeper understanding of the human experience. You’ll connect with the storytellers on an emotional level, recognizing the universal threads that bind us all. It’s an opportunity to build bridges of compassion and find solace in our shared humanity.

Open your heart, embrace vulnerability, and embark on self-discovery and personal empowerment, all possible because of Bitcoin!

Remember, your story has the power to transform lives too. Contact us if you have a story to share!

Watch Justin Rhedrick’s documentary, and you will hear an inspiring story of unfortunate circumstances, grit, and how Bitcoin contributed to his vision to overcome all adversities. You will understand why he co-founded the Bitcoin Transformation Community!

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