From Bars to Bitcoin Re-Entry Tour


We are wasting valuable time and human capital energy by not leveraging incarcerated or recently released people to drive and sustain the bitcoin ecosystem.

Much as bitcoin mining employs wasted environmental energy, we use wasted human capital energy in the form of incarcerated people to sustain the bitcoin ecosystem and reduce the recidivism rate.


In 2021, Justin Rhedrick penned From Bars To Bitcoin — a stirring memoir about resilience, entrepreneurship, and redemption. Justin has traversed homelessness, witnessed the murder of a friend, and been incarcerated in a state prison. His book chronicles the journey into financial independence via bitcoin after being released from prison at 23. 

Bitcoin can revolutionize our global financial systems and reveal new opportunities for people from all walks of life. By helping incarcerated citizens explore the value and purpose of bitcoin, we can provide them with skills, hope, and employment opportunities they may have never had before.  

In 2023, Justin joined a group of re-entry professionals who encouraged him to share his story, knowledge, skills, and financial journey with incarcerated citizens across America. As a result, the “From Bars to Bitcoin Re-Entry Tour” was designed to drive social impact. 

The Re-Entry Tour is designed to achieve these three (3) strategic goals:

(1) enhance awareness of the purpose and value of bitcoin to incarcerated individuals 

(2) offer hope upon release and 

(3) build a pipeline of skilled & credentialed talent for bitcoin mining employers (aka Bitcoin data centers). 

We have targeted public and private correctional facilities in Florida, Colorado, Arizona, and Texas to participate in the 2023-2024 Re-Entry Tour initiative.  

We are thrilled to partner with Kardell Sim and his nonprofit N.O.R.T.H. (Northside Organization Reinventing the Honor) for the Re-Entry Tour. Kardell believes that “re-entry starts on the inside,” so his team goes into public and private prisons to enrich, educate, and encourage incarcerated people to reduce the recidivism rate, enhance the quality of their lives, and rebuild communities they may have destroyed. 

“We are rebuilding the communities we destroyed” – Kardell Sims

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Re-Entry Tour Impact Blueprint™

The impact blueprint is our proof-of-work to all sponsors, donors, program participants, and stakeholders. Watch this video to learn more about the Re-Entry tour initiative and our proprietary approach to measuring and demonstrating social impact.  


Your donations will allow YOU to be part of an inspiring story of personal, financial, and global transformation because of bitcoin!